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Curriculum delivery will provide for;


  •  A balance of programmes covering all Essential Learning Area, The Essential Skills, Attitudes and Values, Process and Product.
  •  Wide opportunities for students working and progressing at their own level.
  •  Catering for student needs – including students with special needs and abilities.
  •  Opportunities that match student needs and learning styles.
  •  Settings for learning including EOTC.
  •  Teacher strengths being utilised.
  •  Individual learning styles.
  •  Individual teaching styles.
  •  Learning  in a fun and active setting.
  •  An integrated approach to learning and teaching where appropriate.
  •  Flexible grouping of students – ability, needs based, interests and social.
  •  A supportive learning environment that encourages enquiry, risk taking, and



PLANNING AND LEARNING            NAG 1 (i) (iv)


Term Overviews

Teachers complete a long term plan (copy to Principal)

To be finalised by the end of week 1 of each term, based on;


  •  Implementation Plan ( School centered curriculum planning documents)
  •  Development Plan
  •  Student Needs
  •  School Charter Goals
  •  Curriculum Statements
  •  Special events i.e. LIFE Education, Agricultural Day etc.
  •  May include topics, key attitudes, skills and knowledge areas.
  •  Curriculum / Strand checkers will be used to monitor coverage and to identify areas for inclusion for next term / year.


Unit Plans

Staff to use agreed planning formats (blue booklet / curriculum implementation plans)

Teachers evaluate student achievement as well as programme achievement.


  •  Appropriate Achievement Objectives
  •  Specific Learning Outcomes
  •  Planned Assessment Activities (Strategy and Criteria)
  •  Teachers may need to spend time checking resources, developing activities, arranging groupings.


Short Term Plans


  •  Maintain a regular weekly diary that records planned and unplanned work.

Display a class timetable in each classroom / diary. (Copy also to principal)


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