Agriculture Day

Ag Day at Ohaupo School is a great event to get involved in.  Every October we invite students to raise a calf, lamb or kid (goat), look after it, groom and train it ready for bringing to Ag Day.  Students learn about caring for their animals, develop patience and determination, use initiative and self-reliance and gain a better understanding of animal welfare.  There is also an indoor art and flower display, with a baking competition too. This enables children who cannot raise an animal at home to participate in the friendly competition of the day and to feel pride in their achievements.
If you are interested in rearing an animal this year please read the * Entry Information  which includes the important 'saving dates' for each category of animal.  Take a look at the website links below which will give you more information on how to care for your animal and train him/her for the big day.
All students entering an animal for Ag Day must complete the * Entry Form (the entry form is available from the school office in Term 3) and hand it in at the school office. 

Good luck and we hope you enjoy Ag Day !

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